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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Countdown To The Best Halloween Flicks

Dudes, I can honestly say Halloween is one of my fav times of the year.
It’s the start of A/W Fashion, pumpkin patches, murder mystery parties and an awesome excuse to scare myself silly, whilst binging on 3 for £1 sour sweets from Tesco!
Now, being a huge fan of horror movies I wasn’t going to let this time pass without sharing my top 10 horror flick countdown.

10) Psycho (1960) 

Psycho is a cult classic, and really underrated today. During it's time it made waves with Alfred Hitchcock being dubbed the "the master of  suspense". Now I'm not playing, this movie had me shook. Why? Because it has two of the most shocking scenes in movie history! Also who could forget that infamous shower scene *locks door*. Ranking a 6 on the Scare-O-Meter.

9) A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

What's worse than a creepy guy with knives for fingers trying to kill you while you dream? oh yeah! Nothing. A Nightmare on Elm street is not just scary due to Freddy Kruger's killing and taunting tendencies but it's also one of the best psychological horrors.

Many have lost sleep over the fear of Freddy paying them a visit!

Sleep he gets you....don't sleep and you go crazy.

It's a win win for him really. There are some quite disturbing stories behind why he goes after his victims. Also who doesn't want see a young and hot Johnny Deep?! Ranking? i'd give it a solid 7.5 on the Scare-O-Meter.

8) Scream (1996) 

Now I don't know about you but ever since I watched this movie I have gone into intense vetting procedures with every guy I have dated. You can never be sure if the person you are dating loves you or is trying to kill you with his best mate, because your mum slept with his dad and made his mum leave...oops spoiler alert!

Scream has a lot of light hearted teen banter that is sure to have you laugh from time to time; but then other moments on the edge of your seat wondering when Mr Ghost Face will turn up again and what door you forgot to close that he is soon to make an appearance out of! Deffo one to watch. Ranking a 6.5 on the scare-O-Meter.

7) The Witches (1990) 

You're telling lies if you say this movie didn't scare you as I kid! Not knowing if someone was a witch trying to turn you into a mouse or not. It's not the mouse part that gets to me though. It's women having a nurturing, caring sense about them; with this film that gets thrown out the window.

Lesson is: Don't trust anyone and do not take those sweets from the woman with the purple eyes! Even in adulthood this movie still gives me the chills. Finding a spot on the Scare-O-Meter at 6.

6) The Shinning (1980)

Creepy Twins, Redrum, Reincarnation vs Time travel, killer husband, haunted hotel......HERE'S JOHNNY....what else do you want me to say? Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick you're both crazy yet talented souls. This movie will have you scared and over thinking ish for the longest time! Rating 8.5 on the meter dudes!

5) I.T (1990)

Everyone knows that in horror everyone can get it. Personally I draw the line at kids and animals but some people like to over step the mark and depending how it's done I'm willing to accept it.

However a killer clown/ thing that can morph into your fears and something that only children can see...Yeah that's pretty damn scary really. I.T is one of those characters that lives on, terrorizing every generation that see's it (pun not intended).

 I know most people will prefer the 2017 remake but I love originals and if it's not broke don't fix it in my opinion. Ranking a solid 9 for me, fight me if you disagree!

4) Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

I've never really been a big fan of the paranormal activity movies; but there is no denying that the 3rd one scared me to the point where i thought i was gonna wet myself.

It's when they involve kids heart just can't take it. The suspense is what gets me the most. Also the fact she was talking to someone we couldn't visibly see was enough to have me turn off the TV and walk away. Getting a 9 on the Scare-O-Meter.

3) The Grudge (2004)

I remember being at school and our teacher letting us watch this at the end of term. I have now been scarred for life. The teacher probably hated us all and wanted to mess with us. I always find that movies with a background story to the disasters tend to scare me more. This movie knows how to give the right amount of scare and the right amount of suspense. Getting a 7.5 on the Scare-O-Meter.

2) Jeepers Creepers (2001)
Another Horror that scared me senseless as a kid was Jeepers Creepers.
Maybe it's because i was young.
Maybe it's because i watched it on my own or maybe it's because a guy with wings started killing people, eating their tongues and eyes and taking them back to his cave to feed on. Nope, Nope and Nope! No Thank you! Jeepers creepers you get a 9.5!

1) Halloween (1978 + 2018)

Halloween has always been my ultimate favorite Halloween movie. The killer that stalks the baby sitters and just kills for killing sake. He doesn't talk or taunt his victims and he doesn't run; but somehow he managers to out smart them every damn time!

Having weird super human strength that even bullets can't penetrate. Michael Myers you are the original slasher OG. Even this years remake was dope! I had to cover my eyes and ears. 1978 version would get a 6.5; 2018 would get a 9 on the Scare-O-Meter.

What horror movies do you guys like or think i should watch?
Do you disagree with my list? What would you add in? Let me know in the comments below and Happy Halloween Dudes!

xoxo Tara


Thursday, 17 May 2018

A Rascal Review

In the heart of Shoreditch, among the sticky floored bars and grease burger eateries lies the most instagramable, chick and affluent restaurant you will ever lay your eyes on.

Envision a spot that caters to Drag nights, Bingo and bottomless prosecco...what else do you really need?! Rascals is the sister company to the much loved BallieBallerson.

The joint is decked out in pink and white décor, with lovely forest green plants draped over the lighting fixtures. And just incase you forgot where you were they have the biggest neon sign in the background, which i just had to grab a picture of.

When i arrived i was welcomed by the grooviest waiter who had classic banter for days! He was also very attentive; I'm quite hard to please when it comes to food, but they managed to charm even me.

The cocktails were amazing, i would have liked a bigger glass, but you can't knock quantity over quality with this place.

The food was to die for, you could actually taste all the seasoning that went into creating the dish. The presentation of the dish was slightly abstract looking but it tasted phenomenal!

I ordered the spicy jerk chicken dish, which also featured creamed corn.
At one point i didn't feel completely full and the waiter jumped on the case and offered complementary chips. Acts like that never go unnoticed with me and i felt that the service was great.

Overall I would rate my experience 7/10, reason being that it wasn't the cheapest place to dine.
Price Wise ££ 1/2  pound signs would cover it.
Never the less i will for sure be visiting again!

Let me know if how your experience goes down there!

Till next time dudes,
xoxo Tara


Thursday, 26 April 2018


Moving out of home is a rite of passage, we all have to do it at some point in our lives. Whether it be for Uni, travelling abroad or your own personal choices.
After college/ Uni we are kinda just thrown into the world with no life jacket and given a pat on the back; that transition can be kinda hard at times because sometimes it doesn’t feel like there is any transition at all. From being a kid to somehow learning to “adult”.
So I have decided to compile some do’s & don’ts on moving out and how to survive!


Saving is important as no one likes to be out of pocket, especially in LDN (story of my life!); so save dudes! Try starting a savings account, whether it’s for that house share, apartment or just for a rainy day.

Another great way of managing your money is getting a Monzo account. If you haven't heard of Monzo, it's a virtual bank that provides you with a pre paid card which allows you to control what goes in and out of your account. As soon as you spend money they send you an alert and provide you with details of where you spent your money, what you spent it on and how much you spent. It's pretty dope if you ask me. Since using it I've managed to save a lot!

Pick the right area:

House hunting is so much fun because you get to find out what home style suits you. London is fastly becoming gentrified; so most areas are quirky and cool and if you pop out of your house there’s bound to be a small coffee shop 2mins away selling a 6 quid coffee.

Due to all this gentrification malarkey rent prices are rising, but this shouldn’t hinder your search. Doing your research and shopping around for the cheapest deals on a room or a house will be well worth it in the long run.
I've lived all over London and one app that helped me the most on my flat share quest was the spare room app. It's super easy to use, one thing though - never view a house that doesn't display images of the house. some adds do this and i find it super suspect.

Being realistic:

Although moving out of home is a new fun & existing experience I would be lying if I said it was all shits and giggles.

Truth is that sometimes it can be a lonely time, when I first moved out I was always inviting my friends over to keep me company because i hadn't quite adjusted to staying on my own with complete strangers.

I was very much unaware of the housemate etiquette I should have had.

Also you never really notice how useful your parents are until you come home and realize that dinner isn’t ready and your clothes are not washed. WORST. THING. EVER.

Picking the right people:

It’s imperative that we all have a good understanding of who we may be living with. Who you live with could make or break your moving out experience. If you’re moving in with friends or moving in with strangers it’s always going To be a fun experience meeting new people. Who knows you could end up meeting the housemates from hell or the best friends you ever had, the fun part is the mystery behind it all.


One way to stay safe is to live in an area that you are familiar with.

Another is to attend house viewings with someone so that you are not alone #StrangerDanger.

One key thing to also be aware of is to never hand over rent money/ deposit money before you have moved in. A lot of people are tricked in to handing over wods of cash and then their landlord to be just disappears like a fart in the wind - I shed a tear for everyone who has gone through this.

Always do bank transfer so you can keep track of what you have paid in.

Also, remember to always, always, always sign some form of contract and make sure you have read it before signing!!!
The only thing i can say about housemates (because everyone is different) is don't be that person who steals someone's food! once i needed milk and i took someone's milk ended up with a dodgy stomach...i never did that again! Karma was not playing that day.
You'll never feel that pain of someone taking your food until it happens to you. Once i cam down to the kitchen and saw a housemate holding my milk. i said "oh did you need some milk" to which she replied "no i don't need it actually". i found it so funny!
 Also it's okay to be free with people but always remember that too much familiarity breeds discontent. We all hate a housemate drama episode, in the end these are people you live with. The same as you don't know your mate until you go on holiday with them. The same can be said for housemates, never know who you are living with until you actually live with them so take heed.

Can I afford this?

Sometimes we may feel under pressure to take certain steps in life that we may not be ready for. Other times what our friends are doing influence our choices.

There is no set age for when you should have achieved anything in life. Now now I’m not saying to be a bum, but just make sure that the choices you make are for the right reasons and do what makes you happy, not what you think will make you happy.

Till next time dudes!!

 ,xoxo Tara


Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Dudes,There’s nothing quite like having that great tune on repeat and getting all the feels. When it comes to music, I tend to always be in my feelings.
Even when entering the office I have to have a bad ass tune to walk into and it just sets the day and mood for me.
Each month I’m going to share a different playlist of my top picks old and new. 

1) Arctic Monkeys – Dangerous Animals 

2) Tame Impala – Nangs 

3) Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Necessary Evil 
4) Sampha – Timmy’s Prayer

5) Mac Demarco – On A level 

6) Spooky Black – Without You

7) Anderson Paak – Till it’s over  

8) SZA – Garden (Like That)

9) Azealia Banks – Esta Noche

10) Pulp – Babies

11) The Jam – That’s Entertainment

12) Speed, Glue & Shinki – Don’t Say No

13) Cardi B - I Like It 

14) Ashford & Simpson – Bourgie Bourgie 

If there are any tunes you recommend I give a listen to let me know in the comment section below! 
Till Next Time Dudes,
xoxo Tara 


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Hi Dudes! Welcome, welcome.
So I would love for you guys to get know me a little bit better, so I’ve thought up 10 things about myself that I would like to share; think of it as a fun facts kind of moment. 

1)    I have a fear of spiral staircases; before Tottenham Court Rd got refurbished I had to go down these spiral staircase to get to the platform and I swear I was on my way to having a panic attack. Never again! This may also be why I like to take the elevator most times...that or I' am just plain lazy.

2)    I am one of 6 siblings – I have five other siblings and I am kid number five. I have two older Brothers and two older sisters and one younger sister. You can only imagine what Christmas is like. Every time my mum used to go shopping she would always buy six doughnuts from Percy Ingle and because I was super greedy (still very greedy) I would have two doughnuts and someone always used to miss out. You snooze you loose! 

3)    When I was four my mum taught me how to write my name and I cried because I thought it was hard writing four letters…T.A.R.A – such a diva. Like for real my hands were actually shaking at the hard gruelling task I had to undertake ha. 
4)     I have been a theatre kid for the majority of my life; yes I am one of those people who will randomly breakout into song and dance, sometimes you can't help these things. My song of choice at the moment...any and every song!!
5)    For my 10th birthday I wrote a letter to the CBBC studio asking for them to pass my birthday invite to Tracey Beaker so she could attend; instead they sent me a birthday card with all the casts signatures! I was soo bloody happy when I got it and then two days later is was kinda ruined because I had carried it everywhere with me. 

6)    I attended Sylvia Young's Saturday singing class for two Years. I really enjoyed it and everyone's vocal ability was sky high! I also went to an independent Theatre School called Academy Arts which was awesome, I loved being on stage and everyone was like one big family. 
7)    I’m obsessed with Vintage clothes and the 90s Grunge look, I don't know where it all started but I've loved a lifestyle designed way before my time. 

8)    My music of choice is Indie rock and 70s psychedelic rock or psychedelic Soul depending on what mood I’m in. The first song I can remember really liking as a kid was The Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way. Great Tune!

9)    I got chased by a dog once thus starting my fear of dogs, really wish I wasn’t scared though! oh well there's always hamsters for a pet aye?!

10)    I can’t stand foods like Avocado, Tomatoes, Coffee and Truffle. Call me weird but I have a very plain palette! Also my Favourite pizza is Hawaiian…yes I’m that kind of person.
I hope you enjoyed a few facts about me, till next time dudes, 
xoxo, Tara


Thursday, 5 April 2018


David Bowie was right you know; “Time may change me, but I can’t trace time”.

Everywhere I look I see positive embers of the hopeful thoughts of 2K18 being the best year yet and it really motivates me to push for this year’s goals. As we take each day as it comes we never know which doors may open; the people we will meet and the new drinking holes we will find

Admittedly I find myself sometimes feeling apprehensive and anxious to stay optimistic because well…life, but that should never be a hindering factor. Staying on guard for the worst just so one is prepared for the bad stuff isn’t always the best way to live.  

Instead prepare for the goofy moments and happy times, and when the not so high come; greet them with reassurance that they won’t be around for long because as the saying goes “This too shall pass”.

Things we find ourselves stressing about may no longer bother us in three months, so why use up productive time thinking on things that don’t deserve your energy?!

When I was asked about my new year’s resolution I tend to cringe at the new year new me posts and the updates on how well or bad they are going. Why? Because most of the time at the start of the year after a few weeks we revert to old habits.

So instead why not think of them as positive changes and whatever we are wanting to change is for the betterment of ourselves and not others. In 20K17 I spent some of the year thinking I had to be a certain kind of Tara to make others around me happy. But then that would be making a positive change for others and not myself, and I’m not one to be pigeon holed.

After some re-thinking I have more self-reassurance to live my life for me, because I adore my dweebish quirks!

Even though old habits die hard, remember that they won’t last if you push and make a conscience effort to get out that rut. You’ve got this!

Later Dudes….xoxo Tara

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